The Company adopts zero tolerance towards any form of bribery and corruption as spelled out in its Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy. All Employees and representatives are expected to embrace the principles of ethical conduct, integrity, fairness and accountability in all aspects of Urusharta Jamaah’s business activities.


Message From The Chief Executive Officer

The vision of Urusharta Jamaah Sdn. Bhd. (UJ) is to be a responsible asset management company, delivering sustainable and continuous growth. UJ in the carrying out of its operating and business activities strives to continuously achieve superior financial and operating results while carefully adhering to our “Code of Business Ethics”.

In line with its position as a company wholly owned by the Minister of Finance (Incorporated) and in pursuit of its continuous efforts to maintain a high level of competency, transparency and integrity in its day-to-day management and business undertakings. The resourcefulness, professionalism and dedication of every employee and representative of the Company will ensure that Urusharta Jamaah be well positioned for continuous success in the long term.

This Code of Business Ethics sets forth important policy statements that deal with standards of business conduct. As Employees of Urusharta Jamaah, it is essential for everyone to abide by the Code which is continuously reviewed in accordance with changes in laws and practices.


The Board Charter serves as a set of guidelines for ethical standards and a code of conduct for the Board of Directors’ (“Board”) of UJ to emulate as they execute their duties and responsibilities. The Board acknowledges the importance of upholding integrity, transparency, and honour in being appointed as a trusted member of the Board.

The Board Charter was developed with careful consideration of best corporate practices and in accordance with the highest standards of corporate governance. As such, each member of the Board must uphold the values charted in this document in performing their mandated duties. In this, UJ prioritises uncompromising honesty.

This Charter serves as a reference for the Board in executing their responsibilities and may be reviewed and updated from time to time, to align with the best corporate practices, laws, and regulations, and to reflect the relevance of its application within UJ.


The Vendor Code of Conduct can be downloaded below:

Urusharta Jamaah is committed to reinforcing the Government’s aspirations for collaboration with small businesses and private corporations alike in our day-to-day business conduct. As such, UJ has established a Vendor Code of Conduct (“the Code”) for observation and application by UJ’s business counterparts.

The Code highlights the importance of ethical business conduct that should serve as a basis for the Vendors. UJ encourages its Vendors to embrace the highest standards of ethical responsibilities at the forefront of their businesses as well as when in service to UJ. UJ is committed to sourcing and collaborating with businesses that support the same principles outlined in the Code.

The Code serves as a reference for UJ’s Vendors in executing their responsibilities and may be reviewed and updated from time to time, to align with best corporate practices, laws, and regulations, and to reflect the relevance of its application within UJ.


Urusharta Jamaah is committed to the highest standard of integrity, openness and accountability in the conduct of its businesses and operations and takes a serious view of any wrongdoing by any of its Employees, Management, Directors, Panel Members and Vendors, in particular with respect to their obligations to the Company’s interests.

As a testament of Urusharta Jamaah’s firm commitment to promote good corporate governance practices and to inculcate a culture of integrity throughout the company, we are pleased to introduce the Whistleblowing Channel as a means for all stakeholders to raise concerns, without fear of retaliation, on any wrongdoing or Improper Conduct that they may observe and experience.

Improper Conduct
Parties can report a Whistleblowing complaint if they are aware of any wrong-doing or observe any Improper Conduct, including but not limited to the following:
  • Criminal offence such as corruption, fraud, bribery, theft and/or blackmail;

  • A breach of regulatory or legal obligation;

  • Unauthorised misuse or misappropriation of Company funds or assets;

  • Conflicts of interest or abuse of authority;

  • Misuse of confidential information;

  • Insider Trading;

  • An act which may create a danger to the safety, lives and health of company assets and Employees or the public or the environment;

  • An act or omission which constitutes a breach of the Company’s Code of Business Ethics; and

  • Any concealment or attempt to conceal malpractices.

Protection From Retaliation and Good Faith Requirement

Urusharta Jamaah is committed to ensure strict confidentiality and will not tolerate any retaliation or retribution taken in respect of reports or complaints lodged in good faith.

For more information, kindly refer to Urusharta Jamaah’s Whistleblowing Policy and Code of Business Ethics .

Procedure to Raise Concern

1. You are required to download and fill in the details as provided in the Whistleblowing Form.

2. Based on the type of disclosure, send the Whistleblowing Form to one of the following dedicated email addresses*:

 Level 1 Disclosure

 Disclosures implicating the CEO, a Board appointed panel member or a member of the Board.

 For a direct message to the Chairman of the Board of Directors:

  Level 2 Disclosure

 For all other Disclosures that are not a Level 1 Disclosure.

 For a direct message to the Chairman of the Board Audit & Risk Committee:

 *All disclosures will be treated in the strictest confidence.

3. The Whistleblowing Policy and Whistleblowing Form can be downloaded below: